Pam 3rd

Pam Parsons has been visiting, maintaining, and decorating these cottages for over 50 years.  They have held a special spot in her heart ever since her father Raymond Essington Parsons bought the land which inspired him to create his amazing paintings.

Raymond Essington Parsons

Raymond Essington Parsons spent each summer with his family at his South Chatham cottages he lovingly named Holiday Shores. He was one of the Cape’s leading landscape painters who, through an intimate knowledge of the Cape’s atmosphere, was able to translate this to his canvases. A student of Mr. Vesper George at the Vesper George School of Art in Boston, Mr. Parsons was, for many years, one of Boston’s leading commercial artists and illustrators. Over the years, he had an opportunity to indulge in his real love, that of landscape painting. He would delight in translating the subtle moods of land and ocean into paintings which have traveled throughout the United States, Canada and Europe to provide permanent remembrances of that delightful vacation spot, Cape Cod.

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Mr. Parsons was represented in many local exhibitions and critics praised his renderings of Cape scenes which capture the subtle atmosphere. “He painted with vigor and feeling, using the whole emotional sweep of the land, sea, and sky to make his pictures living scenes, filled with the action of sunshine, wind, storm, and all the various and exciting moods of nature”…Lance Horner


There are many of his original paintings in the cottages, as well as the mystical feeling of peace and pleasure for you to enjoy, just as Ray Parsons did.


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